7 Jan 2020

Death Warrant May Be Issued In Nirbhaya Case Today

The hanging of the accused in the country's most famous Nirbhaya gang rape case can be announced today.  It is believed that Nirbhaya will get justice today.  

Tihar jail administration has made full preparations to hang the accused.  Today the Patiala House Court will hear the application of Nirbhaya's mother.  Explain that the court gave time till January 7 to the culprits to complete all the legal procedures.  It is believed that today the court will announce the death penalty for all the culprits.

The complaint of the father of one of the accused of Nirbhaya was rejected by the court along with a friend of Nirbhaya was also on the bus with Nirbhaya on the day of the incident.  He was also injured during that time.  Magistrate Sudhir Kumar Sirohi dismissed the complaint.

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