25 Jan 2020

Ever heard about 'Door to Hell', it's right here

There is no secret in God's created world. You have heard that the steps of heaven were made in India. But do you know that there is a place which leads to door of hell?And till today this door remains mysterious. Whoever comes to this door of hell, never returns alive. And why, is still a mystery?

Actually this door is main door of a temple,but whoever enters through it whether its human,animal or birds dies. Due to the constant deaths here, people started calling it hell's door.Greeks and Romans came to this temple, and said that Greek deity present in the temple is poisonous, due to which who comes here dies.

The story behind how it came into existence has been sort of shrouded in mystery.Even the scientists till date are not able to find out how such a poisonous gas is coming out of the cave. According to scientists, carbon dioxide is continuously coming out from the temple of Greek deity.Due to which deaths are taking place.10 percent of carbon dioxide can make any person sleep in just 30 minutes, whereas the amount of this poisonous gas inside the cave is 91 percent.

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