9 Jan 2020

Executioner Pawan Called To Execute Hanging To Nirbhaya's Accused

According to the reports coming in Pawan Jallad, who lives in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, is going to put the culprits of the Nirbhaya gang rape murder case on hanging on January 22.  Tihar Jail has sent a confidential letter to Uttar Pradesh.  In which Pawan executioner is being called to put anend to the horrible case which has been making headlines since past six years.

 It is being told that the Tihar Jail Administration has asked in a confidential letter to the Uttar Pradesh Jail Administration to send the executioner which is considered the best, and if possible, send it to Pawan Hangman.

 Pawan executioner comimg would be done secretly.

 To hang Nirbhaya's convicts, Pawan executioner of Meerut will be brought to Delhi in a confidential manner, whose responsibility will be the to put an end to the four convicts.  The Tihar Jail Administration wants Pawan hangman to get the culprits hanged because Pawan ancestral is the executioner and he is also fit for body.  Pawan's ancestors workied as executioner.  Pawan has learned the task of hanging from his forefathers.

 According to a senior jail administration official, Pawan hangman will be brought from his house to Tihar and work will be done in a confidential manner.  Nobody will have any idea when Pawan will reach Tihar Jail.  However, the Tihar jail administration will not have to face any kind of problems in bringing and carrying Pawan, because Meerut is close to Delhi.

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