9 Jan 2020

Lord Radha Krishna Called In Court Room

Awesome case has come out of amazing Madhya Pradesh.  In the Congress government of Madhya Pradesh, no accused in the court but Lord Radha-Krishna had to appear.  The case is of Tikamgarh.

 According to the information received, these idols of Lord Krishna and Radha were presented as evidence in the case of theft in the Tikamgarh court of Madhya Pradesh 11 years ago.  These idols were brought from the Banke Bihari temple of Prithvipur fort located near Tikamgarh.

 As soon as the idols were brought to the court, the court judge first ordered the head to be placed in front of the idols and to keep the idols in the temple.  Actually, 11 years ago, 4 accused stole the idols from the temple.  Seven days after the theft in the temple, the accused were arrested along with the idol, but the accused claimed in the court that they did not steal them from the temple.

 While hearing the case, the court gave notice to the priest and the idols were ordered to appear in the court as evidence.  After Lord's Aarti in the temple, God was presented in court with the procession and the case was heard.  The same local people have expressed their displeasure that why the idols were called in the court and Judge himself would have come to the temple.

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