22 Jan 2020

Green Onion Pakoras A Mouth Watering Dish

The outbreak of cold is going on throughout the country and if you get some hot food, especially pakoras, then experience is mouth watering.  However, in the cold, most people make onion pakoras in their homes.  But do you know that green onion pakoras are also made.  Very few people know the method of making green onion pakoras.  The special thing is that the preparation of green onion pakoras also take less time.  

Directions for making green onion pakoras:-

 To make green onion pakoras, first make small pieces of green onion, after that mix gram flour, green onion, turmeric, coriander, garam masala and baking soda in a vessel.  After mixing all the things well, add water to it.  After adding water, make gram flour solution.  After making gram flour solution, heat oil by putting oil in a pan on a high flame.  After which make pakoras in a circular hand and put them in oil, put the pakoras in the oil till the pakoras turn golden.  When the pakoras turn golden, serve them in the family and enjoy the green onion pakoras.

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