27 Jan 2020

How to get a formal yet stylish look for office

The way you look in office decides a lot about you. A good personality can help you  in your career to a great extent.We all love to look beautiful and getting that perfect look for office is our dream. So today we will help you to convert that boring office look to a super stylish diva look in your office. Here are the tips.

1. Talking about office, less is more

When it comes to proper corporate look, remember less is more. Go for cigarette pants or trousers. They look very stylish.Never go for Khakis.They simply aren't part of the corporate wardrobe, not even when topped with a jacket. Always wear complete suits; don't mix and match a jacket from one suit with a skirt from another.You can also opt for skirts. They really make  a perfect corporate yet glamorous attire .

2. For top wear, go for plains

When talking about formal look, there is nothing than plains that looks best. You can experiment with colors and combinations.Jackets should be classically styled, with lapels and a structured fit rather than the boxy, collarless style.Make your you wear clothes that properly fits. If your clothes are too big or too small, they are not going to look good. You can also invest in good suits too.

3. Choose bags wisely.

Now it's turn to choose our bag. We all carry few things to office and the look of our bag defines a lot about our personality. While choosing a purse make sure it gives a formal look, it should not be a big hobo-style catchall. Choose a clutch or medium-size bag with a short handle, in brown or black leather or anything that looks formal yet stylish.

4. Now it's time for perfect footwear

Choosing shoes wisely is a tedious yet a very important task.Leather is the best option when talking about shoes for office. It looks elegant and are comfortable. But make sure your shoes are polished and in good condition. Even heels look perfect with out formal looks. You can choose heel heights according to your comfort.

5. Let my face glow

 When it comes to getting yourself ready for the corporate world, you should pay a great attention.Choose a good quality foundation and concealer according to your skin type. Do remember, when going for office makeup, less in more. Keep your eye makeup to a minimum as well and dark or smokey eye makeup is a big no for office.Next comes the blusher. No makeup look is complete without blusher.Now for lipstick, stick to nude lip pencils, glosses or liquid lipsticks . You can also experiment with pinks.

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