15 Jan 2020

Karnataka Chief Minister Yediyurappa May Resign From Post

Karnataka Chief Minister Yediyurappa said during a program at Harihar in Davanagere district on Tuesday that the situation in the state is not good and if the situation remains same, I will resign from the post of Chief Minister.  

In fact, during the program, Vachnanand Swamy asked Chief Minister Yediyurappa to give Murgesh Nirani a ministerial post.  Not only this Swamy warned Yediyurappa that if Murgesh Nirani was not made a minister, Veerashaiva panchamshali would free itself from the BJP.

 After the warning of Swami, Yediyurappa said that I have been hurt by Swamiji's words.  But will not be afraid of such threats.  If this happens, I will resign from the post of Chief Minister.  Swami ji would have been good if he had made this request to me alone.  But publicly threatening the Panchamashali society to get away from the BJP is not appropriate.

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