11 Jan 2020

King Of Oman Passed Away

Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed Al Saeed, who has ruled Oman for more than 50 years, has died at the age of 79.  After the death of king the Royal Court of Divan has declared three days of mourning.  And announced country's flag to be flown at half mast as the sign of mourning for the next 40 days.  

The king had returned home from Belgium only last month after getting his health checked and treatment.  King had not married.  Qaboos bin Saeed was the highest ruling king of Oman.  

In 1970 king himself sat on the throne after removing his father from the throne.  He has no successor after the death his death.  Within three days of his death, a new king will be chosen from the royal families of Oman.  However, due to the death of king, no official announcement has been made yet.

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