9 Jan 2020

Lunar Eclipse:- Do's And Don'ts

The year 2020 has started and the first lunar eclipse of the year in the initial year is going to happen on January 10.  The special thing is that this eclipse will not be visible in India, but it will definitely affect people living in India.  

According to astrologers, the first lunar eclipse of the year will begin from 10.37 am on January 10, which will be at 2.45 am on the morning of January 11.  Today we are going to tell about such zodiac signs before lunar eclipse, which may have a bad effect on this eclipse.

 1- Aries- This lunar eclipse is not considered good for the people of Aries.  Friends of Aries people and their siblings may break their relationship, their relationship is likely to deteriorate.

 Remedy - Chant Gayatri Mantra for 108 times and worship Lord Shiva.

 2- Taurus - This lunar eclipse is not good for Taurus people.  This eclipse can prove fatal for the people of Taurus.  Money and family and family disputes may occur, there may be family strife.

 Remedy - Donate white things like Taurus, white cloth, rice.

 3- Gemini - Gemini's zodiac sign can affect your health, some disease can disturb you.

 Remedy - Rudraabhishek with Gemini milk raw.

 4- Cancer - For people with Cancer zodiac, this eclipse can affect your health.  As long as the lunar eclipse remains, you will be restless.

 Remedy - Chant the Lord Moon and worship him.

 5- Leo - Leo lunar eclipse is considered to be the best for people.  On this day you can get a lot of money, expenses will come down.

 Remedy - Worship Lord Shiva on this day.

 6- Virgo - This eclipse can cause some trouble for the Virgo zodiac.  There are signs of delays and changes in jobs of Virgo zodiacs.

 Remedy - Anoint the Lord's Shivling with raw milk and worship Lord Shiva Parvati.

 7- Libra - Lunar eclipse is considered good for Libra people.  There can be a change in the career of Libra people, money will be received.

 Remedy - Offer many white things to your mother and chant the mantras of the moon.

 8- Scorpio - This eclipse is not good for the people of the zodiac, due to the eclipse, your eye problems can arise.  Money related problems may arise.

 Remedy - Offer rice pudding to Lord Shiva.

 9- Saggitarius - Lunar eclipse is not considered good even for the people of the sun sign.  It can do damage to your busines but no signs of unpleasant accident.

 Remedy - Worship and chant Lord Shiva.

 10- Capricorn - Lunar eclipse is not considered good for Capricorn people.  Lunar eclipse can create a situation of dispute in your house.

 Remedy - Worship Lord Shiva with wife or household.

 11- Aquarius - For the people of Aquarius, this eclipse can have a bad effect on your health and can cause obstacles in love related matters.

 Remedy - Worship Lord Shiva and chant Shivamantra.

 12- Pisces - Eclipse can spoil your health for Pisces people.

 Remedy - Worship Shiva and consecrate Shivalinga.

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