9 Jan 2020

Can Manoj Tiwari Oppose Arvind Kejriwal

The dates for the assembly elections have been announced in the country's capital, Delhi.  Political parties have started election preparation but are unable to decide their leader to give a challenge to the ruling Kejriwal government of Delhi.  

As of now, it is believed that BJP candidate will be Manoj Tiwari as Chief Minister.  But the party has yet to announce his name.  

On the other hand, CM Arvind Kejriwal has been continuously attacking Manoj Tiwari.  Whenever asked by the media, Arvind Kejriwal speaks the same thing, you have not seen Manoj song.  Arvind Kejriwal says that Manoj Tiwari is also good to sing and good to dance.

When Manoj Tiwari's Rinkiya's Pappa Wala song was released, Manoj Tiwari was not in politics during that time.  Manoj Tiwari is often seen in the song.  The AAP government of Delhi has made this song of Manoj Tiwari an election issue.  

Whenever Kejriwal goes anywhere, he definitely discusses Rinkia's Pappa song and says, have you not seen Rinkia's Pappa song and say that he is also very good to dance and sing.  Now it has to be seen that what Rinkia's Pappa Manoj Tiwari looks like in the election noise and what Kejriwal shows.

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