29 Jan 2020

Mercy Plea of Nirbhaya convict rejected by Supreme Court

According to the recent reports, Supreme Court has dismissed the mercy plea of Nirbhaya gang rape case convict Mukesh. Supreme Court cleared that there is no evidence that the relevant documents were not placed before President.

Mukesh Singh's lawyer Anjana Prakash on Tuesday said that there were some relevant documents which were not kept in front of the President. Hence, Supreme Court should reconsider the mercy petition.Mukesh's lawyer also added that, he was sexually assaulted in jail and his brother Ram Singh was murdered.

While giving verdict on Wednesday, Supreme Court said that for our satisfaction we looked at all the documents which were placed before the President and were taken into consideration. The Home Ministry had sent all the documents. Harassment in prison is no basis for mercy.So the mercy plea of Mukesh has been dismissed.

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