22 Jan 2020

No more Bigg Boss 13 after mid February?

The 13th season of the India's popular reality show 'Bigg Boss' hosted by Salman Khan may end in mid February. The chances are that the finale will take place on 15th of February. 

The show was originally dated to end in January, but later seeing the popularity and it's everyday increasing TRP rates gave it a whooping 5-week extension.As the news is coming in, the makers were planning to get extension for two more weeks, but they might drop this idea, because the latest reports suggest that host Salman Khan would be unavailable to shoot on the extended dates.

BB13 has created a buzz from the very first day of the show and with so many twists and turns, it has kept its audience glued.Now only 9 contestants are competing in the game and it will be interesting to see in the finale that who will be the ultimate winner.

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