22 Jan 2020

Senior Journalist Deepak Chaurasia Guided Seminar On Waste A Source Of Digital Money

Make household waste 'digital money' - Deepak Chaurasia
 Three sources of success, but beginning with cleanliness.

 Bhopal (21.01.2020), Shri Deepak Chaurasia, a well-known senior journalist of the country said that a clean society is formed by a clean mind.  This is also the first step to success.  It is important that we learn to convert the Waste into wealth.  The author of the book Kuda Dhan, Mr. Chaurasia said that while writing this book, he got a chance to meet many people and he was also impressed to hear their ways of making waste useful.  He said that the use of plastic cannot be stopped but it is important to consider recycling it.  Hearing the innovative idea of ​​making 'Waste to Wealth' by senior journalist Mr. Deepak Chaurasia in the packed auditorium filled with students of Sant Hirdaram Girls College, the auditorium resonated with applause.
 Using the media's famous punch line 'Chain se sona hai to jag jao', he said that it has become necessary to follow this thing in the matter of cleanliness also.  On this occasion, he also gave three sources of success to school students.  First, don't lose courage, finish learning and finish winning, it's important to stay away from negative mindsets.
 He came to Bhopal on Tuesday to attend a seminar on the contribution of youth in the cleanliness revolution by Women's Press Club.  Seminar was held at Sant Hirdaram Girls College, Mr. Dilip Suryavanshi, CMD of Dilip Buildcon attended the seminar as the chief guest.  The renowned journalist of the country, Mr. Deepak Chaurasia, guided the students as keynote speakers.
 The chief guest of the program, Mr. Dilip Suryavanshi said that the revolution has started in India on cleanliness.  Addressing college and school girl students, he said that more responsibility is on you all.  Because it is only the younger generation who can put the rites of cleanliness in the little ones and share the hands of the elders.
  Shri Suryavanshi said that before maintaining external hygiene it is necessary to clean one's own mind.  So never teach children that there are very bad people in the world.  This world is full of goodness.  The cleaner you look, the more cleanliness you will maintain.  On this occasion, Mr. Suryavanshi said that the youth should never forget to honor their parents.  The worship of parents is the first step to success.
 Director of Sant Hirdaram Girls College, Hero Gyanchandani said that the credit for having the first plastic-free campus in the state goes to Sant Hirdaram Girls College in Sant Hirdaram Nagar.  Where single use plastic is already banned.  Now this initiative of the college has to be brought home to every home.
 On this occasion, the President of the club, Ms. Deepti Chaurasia said that this group is of leading women journalists of the state has always been associated with the work of social concerns.  This seminar is also a new initiative in the same order.
 Dr. Charanjit Kaur, Principal of Sant Hirdaram Girls College and other members of club were also present in the seminar.

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