25 Jan 2020

Samsung New Innovative Washing Machine

Samsung, the world's largest electronics company, is launching a new technique in the technology market.  Samsung has a revolutionary change in washing clothes and to the surprise you will not need a washing machine.  

For this, Samsung has invented a hi-tech dry cleaning machine to keep clothes clean.  This machine looks like a cupboard.  This machine is named Airdresser.  This machine will clean the dirt and germs of clothes.  Not only this, it also refreshes the clothes.  The company has kept the price of this machine at around Rs. 1,87000.  If you have to wash clothes in this machine, you will have to hang clothes on the hanger in the machine and the rest will be done by the machine itself.

According to Samsung company, this machine cleans clothes through hot air expressions.  Tests of the machine have found that the machine eliminates viruses like herpes and flu by 99 percent.

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