12 Feb 2020

After BJP's defeat in Delhi Elections, Manoj Tiwari offers to resign

After the defeat of BJP in Delhi elections, Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari offered his resignation. Manoj tiwari was the main campaigner in the delhi elections and also was very sure about the win, till the time results were out. He was sure that BJP will win 48 seats in the assembly elections. But once the results came, the pictures were totally opposite. BJP gained only 8 seats.

Manoj Tiwari was hopeful till the time the counting of votes started on February 11 but as the day passed and the trends started showing negative signs, Manoj Tiwari was trolled all over social media. Manoj Tiwari also said that we will try to find the reasons for our defeat and also congratulated Arvind Keriwal

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