26 Feb 2020

Ajit Doval Given Charge To Curb Tension In Delhi

According to the latest reports coming in from Defence of the country is that NSA Ajit Doval has been given charge to curb down the prevailing tensions going on in Delhi these days.

As reported Delhi nowadays is experiencing lot of lawlessness and situation had been worsened with nearly 8 people losing their lives including police personnel and dozens injured in the fresh riots in North West Delhi areas.

To curb the present situation Cabinet Minister Amit Shah has been taken rounds of meeting with various army and police personnel and is trying hard to curb the situation.  

However as per reports the situation is tense but yet under control.  With latest reports coming in this regard it's being stated that NSA Ajit Doval has been given charge to curb the situation.

He is going to brief the PM & the cabinet about the present scenario.  According to reports Ajit Doval has last night visited Jaffrabad, Seelampur and other parts of North West Delhi areas to review the situation and had talks with various Leaders of various communities.

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