5 Feb 2020

Auto Expo:- TATA Launches It's Most Powerful Car

Auto Expo 2020 has started.  Auto Expo is being held in Greater Noida adjoining Delhi from 7 February 2020 to 12 February 2020.  TATA, the country's largest four-wheeler manufacturer, has launched its most powerful car TATA Harrier 2020 SUV on the first day of Auto Expo 2020.  The future of Tata will focus on electrists.  Recently, Tata has launched its first and powerful electric car Tata SUV Nexon EV.

The Tata company has kept the initial price of Tata Nexon EV at Rs 13 lakh 99 thousand, while its top model has been priced at Rs 15 lakh 99 thousand.  Apart from this, the company has also launched Tata Harrier 2020.  The starting price of which has been kept at Rs 13 lakh 69 thousand.

According to a statement from Tata Motors, it has been said that Tata's SUV gives a modern and progressive look to the future.  It will be a fully electric car, although the company has not revealed the specifications.

The same country's well-known company Mahindra is also participating in this Auto Expo 2020.  Mahindra will also launch its electric vehicle proves.  It is believed that Mahindra Auto Expo will launch its electric car XUV300 and E-KUV100 version in 2020.  In this episode, Suzuki, Reno, Kiya will also launch electric cars.

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