5 Feb 2020

Protests getting fierce in Azamgarh, Lathi Charge on Women Protesters

Protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) are going on in all districts of Uttar Pradesh. From Ghantaghar in Lucknow to Johar Park in Azamgarh, women are sitting on a dharna and protesting  against the CAA. Police tried to remove women from protest site in Johor Park of Bilariaganj. According to the reports, Lathicharge and stone pelting were also done on women.

As the prostests started getting bigger and more and more people were joining the protest .Women and students also started blocking the road. Police tried a lot and also appealed to the women to end the protest, but the protestors didn't agree and then police has to use the light force to remove women from the protest site, but suddenly the crowd became fierce.

According to the reports, many people got injured in this and they moved back to their village. Johor Park of Bilariaganj has been completely evacuated.

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