12 Feb 2020

BJP Leader Uma Bharti Praises PM Narendra Modi

After the results of Delhi elections, the BJP leaders are in a bad mood. BJP leader Manoj Tiwari was so sure about BJP getting 48 seats, till one day before results. But when the results came, the leaders can be seen moving around with a sad face. But BJP's Fire Brand leader Uma Bharti came in support of PM Modi and praised him. Uma wrote that many assembly elections and Lok Sabha elections took place in one and a half year. It is clear from the results that there is no leader like PM Narendra Modi in India. The people of the whole country are with Modiji. With this bottom line, Umabharati has tweeted one after the other. Now this tweet means that only and only Modi is the reason for BJP's victory and all the other leaders in the party are of no use. It's just Modi who gets the credit for BJP's victory in every election.

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