10 Feb 2020

Bomb Blast In Patna House

According to latest reports there have been a powerful explosion in Patna which have left right people severely injured but no casualties have been reported so far.

All the injured have been admitted to PMCH.  According to reports the blast took place at 8 am in the morning in the two storeyed house in which the house completely collapsed.  The noise of the blast was well heard to many kilometers.

City CSP is concluding that it must be a gas cylinder explosion to which locals have been denying by saying that if it would have been a chemical explosion then there must have been fire or gas foul smell but it didn't happened so it could have been more than that.  

The investigation is still going on to ascertain the real reason of the blast. The explosion have took place in some old house of gali No 1 of Saleempur ahera area of Gandhi Maidan.  

At first blast people thought of an earthquake but when they heard second blast all the people of the locality came out of their houses.

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