18 Feb 2020

Corona Virus Creating Havoc In China 1800 People Lost Their Life

Latest reports coming in from China where dangerous corona virus has created havoc and till now around 1800 people have lost their battle of life against this dreaded virus and around 72 thousand are still battling this dreaded disease.

This virus has spread from China to 29 countries around the world has created a furore.  The corona virus continues to engulf people.

According to a report, 93 people died in Hubei, China, while more than 1800 new cases have been reported.  According to the Health Department, 1097 patients are seriously ill.  

Also, more than 1200 patients have been discharged in Hubei on Monday.  On Monday, 60 cases were reported in Hong Kong.  22 more cases have also been reported in Taiwan.  The most impact of Corona virus has been decided in Buhan, China.

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