7 Feb 2020

Corona virus Havoc: Hyundai to shut it's biggest plant

The havoc of Corona virus which started from China, is now spreading all over the world including India. Due to this virus, more than 600 people in China have lost their lives, and the business of different industries is also being affected. The diamond business in India's Diamond City Surat has been affected in the last few days, while the auto plant with the highest production capacity in the world has been temporarily closed.

South Korea's vehicle company Hyundai has halted the operation of its largest plant at Ulasan for 5 days. According to the reprts, China has ordered closure of factories to prevent further spread of corona virus infection.

Due to this, it is becoming difficult for the industries dependent on components manufactured in China to continue functioning. Hyundai has a shortage of goods connecting electronic components of vehicle plants.

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