7 Feb 2020

Rail Fares Increased By Modi Government

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal of Modi government has increased rail fares.  The government has increased rail fares by four paise.  

According to the Indian Railways Department, it has increased fares by 1 paisa per km for the ordinary class, two paise in the non-air-conditioned category of Mail Express and four paise in the air-conditioned category.  At the same time, the fare of daily passengers has not been increased.  

Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal says that the increase in rail fares will compensate five percent of the loss of 55 thousand crores of the railways.  He also told that in 2004 the loss of the railway was 8 thousand crores which has now increased to 55 thousand crores.

Goyal has said in a statement that this decision has been taken after the consent and with the discussion of the railway officials.  Also a committee has been formed in the Railways for any kind of concern and suggestions.

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