7 Feb 2020

Court Dismissed Petition To Release Death Warrant To Nirbhaya's Convicts

The case of Nirbhaya gang rape and murder in Delhi is constantly getting entangled in the court.  Today, the Patiala House Court has refused to issue a new death warrant for the four convicts of Nirbhaya.  

The court in it's statement said that the culprits still have time for seven days, in these seven days they can file their application or petition.  Therefore, new death warrants of the convicts cannot be issued.  

The court has also dismissed the petition of the public prosecutor.  It was said in the public prosecutor petition that no plea of ​​the culprits is pending now.  Accordingly, giving death time of 14 days to the convicts, their death warrant should be issued.  But the court has dismissed the petition.

The Patiala Court had issued a Death Warrant on January 7, under which the convicts were to be hanged on January 22.  But the hanging was postponed due to a legal formalities to be done.  After which the court issued another death warrant.  Under which the convicts were to be hanged on February 1, but due to the legal pending fight the court stayed the execution of the culprits indefinitely.

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