10 Feb 2020

Forget Exit Polls, BJP Claims forming government in Delhi

The exit polls did not work in the favor of Modi Government and have made it clear that the Aam Aadmi Party government will form governmet in Delhi once again. But what’s the truth about exit polls? The truth about the exit polls is always surrounded by questions. Perhaps this is why the BJP is not convinced on the exit polls figures. According to exit polls, AAP is getting most of the seats, BJP has got an edge, but the seats are far away from the majority and the position of the Congress is worse this time also. Yet the BJP is hopeful of victory.

BJP state president Manoj Tiwari said that he saw a wave of BJP at every booth. BJP national organization General Secretary BL Santosh questioned the results of the exit poll. Santosh tweeted that many important facts have been ignored in exit polls. Hence the exit poll are not correct. BJP also claims that the party will get victory by winning 38 seats.

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