3 Feb 2020

No shoes, No socks,Photo On Answer Sheets in 12th Board Exams in Bihar

12th examinations of the Bihar board have started and this time the examination board has taken new action to prevent misconduct and forgery in the Board Examinations 2020. Under this, all the answer sheets and OMR Sheet will have a photo of the candidates. This time 12.05 lakh students and students will be seated in this class XII examination. Taking further actions, the Bihar State Examination Committee has decided like every year, this year, it is forbidden for students and students to wear exams wearing shoes and socks in examination centers.

Every year during the examination there have been incidents of cheating, due to which the Bihar State Examination Committee has banned the examination of students and girls wearing shoes and socks for the last few years.Also, there is a ban on carrying any type of electronic goods in the examination centers. In order to make sure that no items that can help in cheating are taken to the examination hall, students are properly examined.

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