3 Feb 2020

Kinnar Chanted Against Nirbhaya's Convicts

A Kinnar chanted Shiva at the Shiva temple after the country's most popular Nirbhaya gang-rape and the death penalty of the four convicts were banned from hanging.  The matter is related to Ballia in Uttar Pradesh.  

Here, a eunuch named Anushka, along with her companions, performed Shiva orgy at the Shiva temple in Malgodam and said that the repeated banning of the hanging of the poor is increasing the morale of the convicts.  After all, how long will the guilty keep playing with the law?  How long will they keep dodging death.

 The eunuchs say that the date of execution of the culprits was fixed, but once again the predators dodge the court.  Kinnar Anushka says that the convicts are being saved deliberately, this is not right.  Daughter is the Lakshmi of the house; With the Lakshmi of any house, those who do such abominations should be cut their hands and feet.  The team of eunuchs also protested by taking posters in their hands in the Shiva temple.  These posters had written that this is justice, it is unjust to be hanged, hang Nirbhaya's culprits, the same is written in the poster of a eunuch that the country's daughter is crying, justice is delayed.  Give justice to Nirbhaya

 The date of hanging of Nirbhaya's poor was fixed on 1 February at 6 pm.  But due to the legal plea, the hanging was postponed.  The Patiala House Court has stayed the hanging till further orders.

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