13 Feb 2020

Political Parties To Disclose Criminal Background Of It's Candidates: SC

The Supreme Court has issued an written order to the political parties of the country.  According to the stated order political parties were asked release and record data of it's candidates on it's official website.  

It has also stated that the Election Commission of the political parties will have to give information in 72 hours and if any party does not follow the order then strict action will be taken against it.  

Also, parties should publish criminal records of their candidates on newspapers and social media.  The court added as to why the criminals are given tickets. 

 Actually, BJP leader Ashwini Upadhyay has filed a petition in the court.  According to the filed petition which mentioned that it should direct the Election Commission to insist on political parties of the country not to give election tickets to leaders with past criminal records and also take action against them.  

Upadhyay's petition says that in 2014 the number of criminal MPs was 34 which has now increased to 46 percent in 2019.

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