5 Feb 2020

Reliance Jio Wil Launch Connected Car Technology In Auto Expo

The most awaited Auto Expo 2020 has finally started. And as the reports are coming in, Reliance Jio will be the first such telecom company in India to offer connected car technology during this period. Significantly, Reliance Jio has been working on connected car technology for a long time.

Reliance Jio is not only establishing telecom in India, but is also establishing itself across the world. From the very launch itself, the company had told about this strategy. It is possible that the company can also launch this connected tracking system of Reliance Jio as a standalone device so that it can be used across the country. And according to the news coming in, the company has been testing connected car technology for a year at its campus in Navi Mumbai.

Auto Expo 2020 Reliance Jio may launch data management and hardware platforms for future cars, including cloud management. However, Reliance Jio has not given any official information about what will be launched at the Auto Expo so far.

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