5 Feb 2020

Weapon Store Room Filled With Gold And Silver In UP Rampur Princely State

After the partition of the property of Nawab Raza Ali Khan, the last ruler of Rampur in Uttar Pradesh, the princely state weapon store was opened.  As soon as the doors of weapon store opened, the eyes of the people present on the occasion were in despair.  

The order was given by the District Court to open the doors of this store room.  After the order was issued, the people were stunned when the store was opened in the presence of the committee, including the Advocate Commissioner, and Nawab family members.  In this many gold and silver weapons have been found, in the gym, weapons like daggers, pistols, guns and rifles have been found.  On these weapons gold is studded with silver.

 It is being told that there are so many weapons found in the store that their count has not been completed.  Many of the weapons found from here are weapons of the big companies of London, Holland, Germany, America and Japan.

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