5 Feb 2020

Suspicious Women enters Shaheen Bagh, PM Modi follows her on twitter

There was a sudden buzz in the Shaheen Bagh, when a woman suddenly entered with burqa at the protest site and started making video but was sudddenly caught by a women already protesting at Shaheen Bagh. This suspicious woman, wearing a burqa was sitting among the women who were protesting and started asking them questions. When the people found her suspicious, they started suspecting her and found a camera with her.Meanwhile, the protesters informed the police about the suspicious woman.

The police immediately reached the spot and took the woman in custody. According to the information, the woman's name is Gunja Kapoor, who runs a YouTube channel of her own. She is currently under custody. An interesting thing is Prime Minister Narendra Modi also follows Gunja Kapoor on Twitter. Gunja Kapoor herself revealed this. 

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