7 Feb 2020

Shaheen Bagh Going To Witness Love In The Air

The protests against CAA and NRC in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi, did not win the heart of the country's politics but it did win the heart of two lovers.  Shaheen Bagh has now become a witness of love, as the performance of Shaheen Bagh blends the hearts of two lovers and now the couple are going to get married soon.

 According to reports, during the protests in Shaheen Bagh the two couples fell in love with each other and now both are going to get married soon.  One couple will marry on 7 February and another couple will marry on 8 February.  

The families of both the couples have also given their approval to their marriage.  Juneda and Samar, a couple studying Medilak, fell in love with each other during the performance.  

The same other lover couple Zeeshan and Ayesha also fell in love with each other.  It is being told that Zeeshan proposed Ayesha during the performance.  Now both the families have given their consent to both the couples.  Now soon both are going to marry.

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