7 Feb 2020

Bear To Protect Airport From Monkeys

Bear will now protect airport against monkeys at Ahmedabad Airport in Gujarat.  A big bear has been deployed for this.  The bear has been deployed by airport officials.  

In fact near Ahmedabad Airport, officials were harassed by monkeys and have now deployed bears for airport safety.  This bear can be seen roaming in the airport.  However, let me tell you, this is not a real bear, but in the dress of a bear, not one but about 25 employees were deployed, who work to drive the monkeys away.

Airport officials say that there are trees around the airport and monkeys roam around them. And group of monkeys are a regular visitor to the airport area.  Due to which more than 10 flights were delayed.  Many attempts were made to drive the monkeys away but efforts were unsuccessful.  After which employees have been deployed at the airport in a bear dress.

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