2 Mar 2020

Confirmed Sources Amounts 46 Deaths In Delhi Riots

According to confirmed sources so far 46 people have died in communal riots in the country's capital Delhi.  A heavy police force has been deployed in riot affected areas.  

On Sunday, four bodies have been recovered from drains in Gokalpuri and nearby areas.  Although it has not been clear whether the dead body is of riots or not, the false rumors of a riot spread in the areas of West Delhi on Sunday due to which seven stations of Delhi Metro were closed.

 A large amount of property has been damaged in the Delhi violence.  The rioters set houses, shops, petrol pumps on fire.  

Police have detained around 903 people in the case so far.  Police has registered 13 cases against those for spreading rumors.  On Sunday night, the restlessness of the people increased when rumours started coming out.  And people are scared to come out of the houses.

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