22 Mar 2020

COVID-19 Upadate:- Various Countries Escalates Lockdown As Death Toll Mounts High

Recent reports by WHO has suggest that the total number of Corona infected patients have surpassed 3,07,000 including 13000 facilities.

Over 92000 patients have been recovered so far.

At this time Italy has surpassed all numbers and his reached highest in the facilities of Corona infected patients. Italy till date it has 4825 casualties with  53,578 cases reported so far.  Italy has reported highest number of deaths in one day as the number has crossed 793.

After China and Italy, US has the largest 26,000 Corona infected patients.

Australia has announced around $183 billion dollar stimulus package in view of Corona virus outbreak.

What is Johnson in a statement has said that Corona infected patients are day by day accelerating in UK.

France fatalities have reason to 562

After China Italy e has gone into major lock down of the country.  Other countries which are in a lockdown are Spain some parts of UK, India, Iran, USA, Canada and Australia.

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