22 Mar 2020

COVID-19 Update:- Alarming Rise In Coronavirus Case 355 Reported, 7 People Have Died, Various Indian Cities Lock Down

According to the latest reports coming in 7 people have passed away due to Corona virus and around 355 people have been tested positive and undergoing treatment at various hospitals in India.

As a precautionary measure Government of India has decided to lock down GNE where this virus has been spreading or have a fear to spread.

According to latest news Gujarat, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, various cities of Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram, Karnataka Kerala Maharashtra heavy lockdown.

Bengaluru as the state of Karnataka has been shut down and section 144 has been imposed there.

Cities of Madhya Pradesh including Bhopal Jabalpur having lockdown.  

People of the country are being advised by the government of India to deal socialize and stay at homes so that the spread of coronavirus could be limited.

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