20 Mar 2020

New Advocate Brought In By Nirbhaya's Convicts And High Court Is Hearing Mercy Petition Again

Recent reports are coming in from Delhi High Court where the court has been hearing the petition of the four convicts of Nirbhaya rape and murder case who are to be hanged tomorrow morning at 5:30 AM.  As per reports coming in one new lawyer was appointed by the four accused.

As per reports advocate shams Khwaja have pleaded in the court that president kovind in an event has said that the four convicts had mercilessly killed the girl should be hanged and because of this advocate Shams for the accussed has said that the decision of President of India Indus in rejecting the mercy petition was prejudiced and President decision has been challenged.

Just a while ago the petition has been heard by Delhi High Court and now the judges are writing the decision of the court and will be declared in a while.

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