19 Mar 2020

Highlights Of PM Modi Speech To The Nation For COVID-19

 *1. Follow all State & Central Govt advisory*
*2. हम स्वास्थ तो जगत स्वास्थ*
*3. Follow Social Distancing*
*4. Do not step out of home unless it is very very unavoidable*
*5. Senior citizens, above 60yrs, to be more cautious*
*6. To follow Janata Curfew this Sunday, 22nd March, 7am to 9pm*
*7. To thanks all Volunteers/doctors/defence staff etc working for Covid-19 on Sunday at 5pm by expressing gratitude by thanking by clapping, standing, bell ringing and plates beating.
*8. Do not go to hospitals for routine check ups*
*9. Postpone any routine & not very urgent surgeries*
*10. Covid-19 Economic Task Force to be formed to care care of any economic effecr*
*11. Do not deduct salary of your staff for being absent during these days*
*12. Do not unnecessarily hoard essential commodities. There will be no shortage of food & essential items*
*13. मानव जाति विजय हो, देश विजय हो*

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