19 Mar 2020

Reasons For Spread Of Coronavirus And It's Impact On Economy

The dangerous corona virus which had originated from the city of Buhan in China has now engulfed almost the whole world. 

So far Coronavirus have taken a toll of nearly six thousand people to sleep in the world and more than 2 lakh people are in the grip of this dangerous infection.  

According to a report, about 100 deaths are happening every day in the whole world, while more than 2000 cases are coming up.

 In the midst of Corona's havoc, a big news has come out.  China has closed all currency and news papers in the country.  China has banned all types of transactions.  A report has revealed that the corona virus infection is spreading rapidly due to currency and news paper coming into the homes.  

According to a research, there are about 26000 bacteria of Coronavirus in currency and news paper which enters your body after touching the news paper and currency.

According to a news published in Navbharat Times currency is being gathered in many areas of China to reduce the effect of corona virus.  China has expressed apprehension that the transition of the corona from exchange of currency is entering from one person to another.  

Recently the Finance Ministry of the Government of India had said that the current things in public places, the bus, the metro handles, the door of the house should be avoided.  Also, the Ministry had also said that apart from touching all these things, we should not touch the notes again and again.

The ministry said that the corona virus can spread rapidly even through notes, because the note that comes to us passes through the hands of many people.  Whether it is the currency of our country or in such a foreign country. 

If a note coming to us through an infected person it can put us in trouble, it can infect us.  The Chinese government has advised banks and citizens to use facilities like digital payments instead of cash.  The government believes that the note may be a major cause of the spread of the corona virus.

On social media people are sharing a lot of news published in foreign media.  In which it is being said that countries like China and South Korea are busy in freeing bank currency notes.  The notes are being cleaned by the banks with the help of ultraviolet light and after being sealed for 14 days, they are circulated in the market.

How corona infection spreads in notes and coins

According to a medical research, the corona virus enters the body in the form of droplets i.e. microscopic droplets from a person's mouth or nose. 

That is, if your hands are not cleaned after taking a note, coin or news paper infected with the corona virus, then corona infection can prove to be dangerous for you.  Research has also told that several thousand bacteria are present in infected notes, coins or news papers, which do not delay in infecting human beings.  

At the same time, according to a study done in America, the paper infected with the corona virus remains alive for about 72 hours and in clothes for about 96 hours, which can prove to be fatal for humans.

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