4 Mar 2020

Nirbhaya's Convicts Pawan Mercy Plea Rejected

According to the latest coming reports with the dismissal of mercy petition of Pawan one of the accused in Nirbhaya's case all the legal options of the four convicts in the Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case in Delhi are over.  

Today President Ramnath Kovind has rejected the mercy plea of ​​convict Pawan.  Now the four accused ate left with no option now.  Now the hanging the culprits will take place.

Significantly, the lower court and the Supreme Court have sentenced all the convicts to death.  All the convicts had tried every way to avoid hanging by playing legal tricks in turn to avoid being hanged but finally all the legal options of the culprits are over.  

Recently, the convict Pawan had filed a curative petition in the Supreme Court in which he had appealed to change the death sentence to life imprisonment. The petition was rejected by the court after which Pawan had the option of filing a mercy petition before the President.  That too has been rejected by the President.  

The Patiala House Court of Delhi has issued the 3rd Death Warrant.  But due to the legal betting, the hanging of the culprits was postponed.

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