5 Mar 2020

Pakistan Agent Arrested From Jammu And Kashmir

Recents reports coming in from Jammu and Kashmir where Police have achieved a major success.  The Special Operations Group of Jammu Police has arrested a Pakistani agent.  

According to reports police has arrested a man named Pankaj Sharma from Narwal Sabzi Mandi in Jammu on charges of working for Pakistan's intelligence agency.  Pankaj works in the vegetable market.

According to the information Pankaj used to give the location of the security forces and their information to the intelligence agencies of Pakistan.  In return for which he used to get money.  He used to send important information of security forces through social media in Pakistan.  Pankaj is a resident of Taror in Samba district.  In police interrogation, Pankaj himself confessed that he had been working as a Pakistani agent for a few years.  He used to give many important information to Pakistan.

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