4 Mar 2020

PM Modi Cancels Holi Milan Celebrations Due To Coronavirus

The Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi has refused to participate in the program of Holi Milan celebrations.  

The decision of PM Modi has come up after there are fresh cases of coronavirus reported from the country.   

In a tweet, he said that due to the outbreak of Corona virus, there is a worldwide outcry.  Experts have advised to avoid crowded place.  Due to which, we have decided not to participate in Holi Milan celebrations.

The dreaded corona virus has killed around 3000 people in China, while more than 80 thousand people have been infected with this virus.  

In India too there has been confirmed cases of this virus.  Due to Corona virus the state and the central government have issued an alert as well as advised it's citizens not to travel to Japan, China, Korea and Singapore.  A total of six people infected with the corona virus have been confirmed in India.

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