4 Mar 2020

Kamalnath Government Stability At Stake

Reports coming in of political turmoil in Madhya Pradesh from Tuesday night. At midnight, BJP took 8 MLAs of Kamalnath government hostage in Gurugram hotel in Haryana. Congress has accused BJP of bonding to MLAs and forfeiting purchases, although MLAs are held hostage.  

As soon as the information became public, Congress came into action and in the midnight, the MLAs were evacuated from the hotel in Gurugram.

According to reports Kamal Nath government ministers Jeetu Patwari and Jayawardhan Singh reached the hotel but we're not allowed to meet the legislators with the suspended MLA Ramabai of Bahujan Samaj Party who came out of ITC Grand Bharat Hotel in Gurugram.  

CM Kamal Nath has said that there is no threat to the government at present. BJP is offering huge amount  of money to topple the state government. He said that his MLAs have told him that BJP has given crores of rupees and promise of ministerial post. Some Ministers have been offered around 25 Crores to join BJP.  These ministers include MLA from Sabalgarh Baijnath Kushwaha.

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