14 Mar 2020

Second Death In The Country From COVID-19

Recent reports are coming in from Delhi where 69 year old woman have succumbed to Corona virus. 

According to reports she had a history of travelling from European countries. Her son also COVID-19 patient is also admitted in hospital. This is the second death from Corona virus in the country.  While the first Death was reported from Kerala and he was a 79 year old person.

In India there are around 82 patients which have tested positive for Corona virus. Out of them 10 have been discharged after being fully treated.

In the meantime various governments of the states have declared announced total closure of cinema halls, schools, colleges, gyms and swimming pools with immediate effect to stop spreading of the virus.

From around the world us has declared emergency to combat the situation arising with the spread of Corona virus total number of patients in US have been continuously rising. Forty persons have lost their lives and 150 people have tested positive.

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