19 Mar 2020

Tea:- Detoxes Body And Rejuvenates Oneself

Generally we have hurt that foods and vegetables are an important content for detoxing our body.  

But do you know no that apart from fruits and vegetables, tea which is main content and life line for some people who consider it as most important thing also detoxes our body more efficiently than fruits and vegetables.

Before telling you about the various benefits of tea and how it should be consumed so that it may detox your body. We should first tell you about detox.

Detox is a physiological process or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism including the human body which is mainly carried out by the liver.

Tea detoxination works on five levels:-

1. It helps burns fat and speeding up the metabolic rate resulting in energy being burnt.

2. It also fights flu and cold thus improving the immunity of the body.

3. Tea is considered super medicine as it prevent and guard against certain type of cancers arthritis and diabetes.

4. Most important and going against the common belief that tea dehydrates you. Now it is known that green tea rehydrate the body with mixed with H2O.

5. Now it has also been seen that t prevents a person from degenerative and neurological diseases such as as Alzheimer's.

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