21 Mar 2020

Union Ministers Assures Ample Supply Of Utilities In India

Just a while now Union Minister Prakash javadekar and Ravi Prasad has briefed media regarding the impacts of COVID-19 virus.

Reports coming in that both the Union Ministers have answered questions regarding payment of wage for employees who step out of work in the event of lockdown of various states in India.

As per reports the ministers have briefed media that those people who have been staying in doors in Janta curfew will be very well taken care of as they are following request of the prime Minister of India.

Ministers also said that there is no need to worry at the present situation for Corona virus outbreak in the country.  There is ample supply of utilities in the country including medicines.  As reported earlier there was less stock of medicines and may go out of staock in April.  Medicines raw material comes from Wuhan which is lockdown.

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