2 Mar 2020

Fankaar Music India Releases Its New Music Release "Kaise Bhulaun" Post Holi

Fankaar Music India will soon release a new song with Vaishnavi production house.

Recently Fankaar Music India has announced its upcoming music release.  The title of this Hindi romantic song, released in March, is "Kaise Bhoolaun" directed by Omi Umesh Bhatt.  

Excerpts from a interview with correspondent Sona Uniyal Ji, director and co-founder of Funkar Music India.

Q: Tell us about your new music release, Sona Ji Please?
Sona: Fankaar Music India is going to release Vaishnavi Production House's upcoming song "Kaisa Bhoolaun" worldwide. It is a soft romantic Hindi song sung by Shailesh Bhatt. This will be Shailesh's first romantic song. Vaishnavi  The production house is launching two new faces - Sahil Sharma and Divya Gulati. Sahil is the main hero of the song while Divya is the heroine, Shailash is in this song.  Along with giving his voice, he is also acting in it.

Q: What is the reason for taking a completely new cast in this song?
Sona: Fankaar Music India is a platform to provide equal opportunities for both new and old talent.  Apart from this, it is a romantic song, the director of this song Omi and the team of Fankaar Music India felt that new faces would be better for this song only new faces would remain fit for the song's theme, look and feel.

Q: Tell me more about the song?
Sona: We listened to a lot of songs for about 8 months, after about 8 months we had a conversation with our famous friend, Bollywood lyricist Kishan Paliwal Ji, about the song.  He has written a very brilliant song 'Kaise Bhulaoon', after which our search started such a composer who can do justice to these beautiful lyrics.  So we met Dushyant Kumarji.  Dushyant ji's composed song which was sung by Javed Ali ji on 15 August last year was tweeted by PM Modi ji himself and it became quite viral on social media.  In the same way, after listening to Bhoolu, you will understand that with this song, he has done all the justification.  

Apart from this, I  myself has presented during the recording of the song, in which Shailesh has been put in tune with every melody which makes a song successful.
I feel very happy to say that since I am from Uttarakhand myself and the director producer Omi of this song, its singer Shailesh, the main lead Sahil and most of the members of the Vaishnavi production house team also belong to Uttarakhand.

Everyone wanted to shoot the video of this song in Uttarakhand itself.  So all of you should be ready for a big blast.

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