14 Apr 2020

Alarming Rise In The Cases Of Covid-19 In India

There have been a widespread increase in the infection and the cases of covid-19 in the country.

As per recent reports coming in total number of covid-19 patients in the country yaar 10,752, with 9171 active cases and 340 deaths the total number of the patients in the country have been increasing day by day.

Even as a country is under complete lockdown and which has also been extended still the number of patients who are covid-19 is on the rise.

As per Government of India there have been sufficient beds in the hospitals and paramedical force with huge stock of medicines available in the country to fight against covid-19.

The extended period of lockdown will now decide the future of the country as it is now expected that there will be a dip in the cases of covid-19.

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