14 Apr 2020

Ambulances Fleet Making Money In Lockdown

The time when the countries facing lock down and everyone is at home and struggling for a new day in life some people are taking advantage of this phase also.

The country right now has been under lock down and people are struck away from their homes now at this point of time some people are making money and this time also.  

Report having coming in from hospitals of Delhi and various parts of Maharashtra where the people engage in the fleet of ambulances are are taking money from the needy to drop them to their destinations. 

Here the people who are in charge of ambulance are taking bulk of money from those who want to travel to their hometown.

They in turn apply and take the passes of the higher authorities of state officials telling that there is some medical emergency and the patient has to be dropped to the nearest hospital.  

And then they take money from the people and US one of them to become a patient and drop them to the place where they want to go.

These type of complaints have come in from various hospitals in Delhi and Maharashtra.  Here people have complaint that money has been demanded from ambulance staff for dropping them to their native places.

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