18 Apr 2020

Business Secretary United Kingdom Alok Sharma Suggest Five Test Rules Before Opening Lockdown

Recent reports having coming in from UK where Business Secretary Alok Sharma sets out the five test rules that must be satisfied before the government consider changing lockdown restriction in UK. 

These 5 steps are as follows: 

1. UK  is able to provide sufficient critical Care and special treatment right across the country. 

2. UK has to keep a check on the daily death rate due to coronavirus so that to make sure that they are confident that they have cross that peak 

3. They should have a reliable data that shows the rate of infection is decreasing to a manageable level across the board. 

4. They should be confident that the range of operational challenges including  testing capacity and PPE are in hand and they'll be able to manage future demand. 

5. They should be confident that any adjustment to the current measures will not lead to second peak of infection.      

He also thanks people of UK who are following and supporting the government advice of stay at home and protecting lives. Also said that working together will defeat this virus.

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